Case Study: Healthy Body Life

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Background of business
Today "personalized retail" is world-wide trend Personalizing the shopping experience for your customers can increase profit margins, strengthen customer loyalty and level the playing field with mobile and e-commerce.
For many consumers, customization is a key, and a personalized customer experience can make a world of difference. Though hugely popular trends and products achieve great degrees of success, consumers crave a means to making purchases their own.
Organic market is significantly growing as you see the figure(1). According to the figure, comparing 2000 to 2017, it would increase about 7 times.
People are so much care about health and feature of your body. Please refer to the figure(2). It is also increasing
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In order to satisfy with these people, here build a online platform which keep your health & body care constantly.
(HBL) Healthy Body Life is an online platform which provides healthy solution serving food box and health lecture.
Providing appropriate food box and exercise lecture (video clip) individually, serve best service for healthy and balanced body shape.
Business Analysis
Industry Analysis
The sport industry is one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide. With the increasing disposable income and broader range of sporting activities combined with the growing awareness for the needs of healthy and balanced lifestyle, consumers are spending more time and money to enjoy sports and leisure activities.
Yoga is a favorite at all clubs, especially with women. Yoga is still a favorite for women because, compared with strength or durability training, it's more acceptable for them. Women love to work out in classes such as martial arts, to burn calories, but when it comes to weight training, they just
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- 聖德科斯生機食品 (Santa Cruz) by 統一corps.

Fitness center
There are many fitness center private and public ones.
-California fitness center
-True Yoga
-Each district public sports center
In order to make differentiate from competitors,
We will use a officially authorized organic fresh food directly from farmer not from wholesaler.
We will use well-built home online exercise video clip which is personalized only for the specific customer.

Product & service
In order to assist to make customer's healthy body, need to arrange high quality of exercise and food.
Producing high quality of product and service which offers healthy foods including salads and fruits to make and keep healthy body shape.
People can input if he has some exceeded the figures of health in profile,
Customer chooses what kind of body shape want to have; we will prepare several kinds of body shapes to choose.
Muscle body, upper muscle body, skinny body..etc
According to customer's chosen, we will arrange exercising program and food arrangement with experts within 3 days.
We will provide fresh organic food daily or weekly door to door in the online platform.
We will provide exercise video clip accordingly so that the customer can do at

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