Healthy Church Characteristics

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In the scripture of acts 2:42-47 we have characteristics of a healthy church throughout this paper I will be talking about how to build a healthy church in today’s modern times.

The word church in the New Testament comes from the Greek word ekklesia
“church ekklesia refers to those who have been called out from sin to salvation.” In the New Testament the word church is used nighty-five times. The mission of the local church is to bring people to Jesus and into the general Body of Christ. -Darrell Robinson

Act 2:42 – 47

It would have been great to be a member of the first Christian church. During those times the church was an active educational program on Christ Jesus and the law. People were neither force nor manipulated into attending the church, all the members were devoted to the instructions and teachings of
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One could argue that this was the introduction of communism twenty centuries before its time. This church enjoyed no factions, division nor claimed possession, everyone was one in mind and because of this the God granted them favour with all people (atheists, murderers, thieves, religious people, etc.) and the numbers kept on growing on a daily…show more content…
In a healthy church there should be continuous fellowship, love should allows lead, there must be communal, members of the church should grow spiritually (spiritual maturity), the preaching of the word of God must never be compromised. There must be accountability, mentorship and there has to be understanding of the basic doctrine. It is of utmost importance when building a healthy church to always remember that your key focus is in people, building people, empowering people and nurturing people. Your core function is to service and/or service
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