Vegetarian Diet Benefits Essay

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Jacqueline Bong Lin-Hui
Biomedical Engineering
27 January 2015


The purpose of this research is to identify and study different types of diet with potential danger and proven benefits. In this research, we will be looking into Genetically Modified food, vegetarian diets, antioxidants food and diabetes diet. We will also be looking into planning or creating a healthy diet for everyone.

Diet is a special course of food that people choose with associate with different reasons. Example people chooses vegetarian diet for health or religion purposes or people chooses weight lost diet to lose weight. To have an ideal and healthy diet, we must consider our health to ensure that we eat well. We will be discussing on the proven benefits and potential dangers of different diets and coming out with different measures to make their diet safe.

Genetically Modified Food Proven Benefits

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Micronutrients of special concern for the vegan includes vitamins B-12 and D, calcium, and fatty acid. People having vegetarian diets should compensate their nutrients from animal, such as proteins, with other types of food such as tofu.
In a news article from Los Angeles Times, it states that Former President Bill Clinton adopted a vegan diet in 2010 to protect his health after his heart surgery. He decided to try a plant-vegan diet for a month and write about his progress. The very commonly asked question was “how would you get enough protein?” President Clinton simple substitute meat that provides protein with tofu and nuts. His vegan diet helped reverse the damage to his heart and blood vessels caused by cardiovascular disease and provided him with more energy.
Here are some tips to enhance vegetarian diet
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