Healthy Dog Food Research Paper

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Healthy dog food recipes are becoming more and more popular nowadays, with the big dog food scare in 2007 then people just don 't trust that the commercial dog food producers have their dogs best interests at heart. Here I 'll share some healthy dog food recipes and some dog food do 's and don 'ts with you.

The first big no-no is to try and pep up your dog 's food with extra little tasty things that we would enjoy on our meals. I know that you want your dog to enjoy their meal, but the fact of the matter is they are happy with just having healthy and nutritious food, and a lot of our foods can be harmful to them without us realizing it.

Garlic is a big no-no, along with onions, avocados, chocolate, macadamia nuts, the list goes on and on, be very
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So the best healthy dog food recipes are the very plain ones where you just take a raw piece of lean beef, boneless steak, chicken breast etc (cook slightly if you want to be safe but leave it juicy for them). Then add in some fresh vegetables and cut them both into small chunks your dog can eat easily. Try to go for vegetables like pumpkin, cucumber, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, sweet potato or squash which are the best choice for your healthy dog food recipes and avoid potential digestive problems.

Then that is it! You can play around with that combination and you have an endless variety of wholesome meals for your precious dog, chicken and carrot, steak and sweet potato, a whole range of healthy dog food recipes for you to try!

If you want to give them a treat then get some liver (quarter pound) and fry on both sides but leave it juicy in the middle. Add half a cup of water to the pan drippings to make some tasty gravy and then serve up with some of his or her favorite veg and you have a tasty treat they will love!

So healthy dog food recipes are mostly simple meat and vegetable dishes, if you want to make things tastier then make sure you get advice first so you don 't add in any ingredients that will harm your
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