Healthy Drinking Culture

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The recommended option is to enforce a healthier drinking culture. The current drinking culture encourages individuals to drink excessively and shames those who do not participate in drinking. As a result, Australians have developed a negative relationship with alcohol that can be reflected in the amount of problems that have arisen in the last decade. In changing the drinking culture by educating young adults and teenagers on how to consume alcohol in a safer way and removing the stigma that not drinking is socially unacceptable, future generations will be brought into a much safer drinking culture.

Enforcing a more positive drinking culture has complications that can influence whether it will work. As drinking is embodied in the Australian culture, it will take a considerable amount of time for majority of the public to support the change (Previte, Russell-Bennet and Parkinson, 2014). If support is achieved, creating healthier relationships will have a heavy cost as new education programs and other initiates need funding. Once implemented, the strategy can
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Gaining public support and funding will be difficult as individuals will not welcome the change. However, as two major stakeholders: police and health professionals, have displayed their support for the change, communities will soon embrace the change (Wodak, 2015). Nightclub owners might experience a loss of revenue due to individuals not drinking as much which will force them to be against the change. Nevertheless, they will be able to save money in the decrease of property damage and decreasing the amount of security on the premises, which can make up for the loss of revenue. Thus, individuals will be more incline to support the change to the drinking culture as it will benefit them in more ways compared to the current
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