Gaining Healthy Eating Habits

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Diet and nutrition intake determines a person’s health. By having healthy eating habits will assure a person to free from illnesses and diseases but those who followed an unbalanced eating habits will more prone to get sick. Unfortunately, nowadays mostly people are not comply with healthy diet as they are too busy to think about what to eat for good. Their mind are fully occupied with worries about their studies, work and family. Hence, they will just opt for food that are easily obtained such as fast food which is not a brilliant choice to have a healthy eating habit. It is tough to maintain healthy, balanced diet but once it is implemented, it will the smartest decision made to lead a better life. People who are able to maintain healthy…show more content…
People always have the thought that those who are thin are healthier than those who are overweight. However, this is not always right as those who are thin may be junk food junkies 3. Eating healthily is the only way to reduce risk of getting diseases. Based on a study in 2014 published in British Medical Journal, risk of dying from any diseases or illnesses will be able to decrease by eating at least five portions of fruits and vegetables daily 3. Nowadays, the most common health conditions experienced by people especially the elder are high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and cancer 2. So, healthy eating habit is crucial because healthy eating habit can help to escalates the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or commonly known as good cholesterol in blood and reduce the level of triglycerides which is unhealthy as mentioned by My H 2. Thus, people are less prone to get cardiovascular diseases 2. Styles S. also said that healthy diet that is low in fats, cholesterol and sodium can lower risk of getting cardiovascular diseases 5. She also added that saturated and trans fat in red meats, fried food, margarines and junk food contribute to increasing risk in heart diseases 5. Thus, having healthy eating habits can improve our

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