Healthy Food Case Study

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Although the production of healthy foods is expensive, organizations such as the World Food Programme need to put a stop to the increasing price gap between fast food and nutritious food before it takes an overwhelming toll on the community. A healthy diet costs 2,000 dollars a year more than an unhealthy one for an average family of four (Rehel). While this may not seem like a lot of money it adds up for low income families who are barely skimming by as it is. They have to make wise and tough decisions about where they spend their money and healthy food is one of the first things to go. If they can get a burger at a fast food restaurant for three to four dollars less than a salad will cost them at a sit down restaurant why would they pick…show more content…
It has been ignored for years, but now that it is starting to affect the community people are noticing. Harvard researcher, Mayuree Rao, said himself, “People often say that healthier foods are more expensive, and that such costs strongly limit better diet habits. (Rehel).” But, he wanted to prove it himself so he decided to do an experiment with his students in which he found that healthier foods cost significantly more in all ten countries that he pulled data from. This shows that no matter where you live a price gap between healthy and unhealthy foods exists. Today, the price increase in fruits and vegetables is 190% compared to the 70% increase in fats and oils (Saunders). This price gap is what causes people to make unhealthy choices. For every 14 percent increase in the ratio of healthy-to-unhealthy food prices, researchers found the odds of a healthy diet dropped by 24 percent (Bennett). As the price gap between healthy and unhealthy foods widens, the odds of someone having a healthier diet…show more content…
Obesity is a serious concern that is associated with a bad diet habits, reduced quality of life, and inactivity. It is treated so earnestly because it can lead to worse problems like diabetes, cancers, or even a stroke. When you have obesity all you do is eat non nutritious food and a lot of it without seeing the problems it can cost you. It weighs on your heart and body and affects most of your physical being. People should not be able to get this way so easily, the number of people affected should be lower. Their diets consist of bad food because that is what is accessible to them on short notice at a low price. While we think eating fast food once in a while won’t hurt, little to we know it’s addictive. People affected by obesity can tell you this because there constant return to the grease is what initially hurt them. This high intake of fats and sugars can also lead to diabetes. And it is a known fact that “one of every four people with diabetes doesn 't know they have it. That amounts to about seven million Americans (webMD).” Diabetes is caused by high intakes of sugar that ultimately leads to high blood sugar, which is when your body cannot produce enough insulin. Diabetes can also led to serious consequences unless treated accordingly. But, here is where the cost issue arises once again. The medication for diabetes comes at a high price that most low

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