Misconceptions About Eating Healthy Meals

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There is a huge misconception that cooking healthy meals require a lot of time. If you thought that was the case, you’ve been misled terribly. Today, we’re going to break a lot of misconceptions about cooking healthy meals and discuss a few simple diet plans that are easy to follow and delicious. A nursing career can be extremely taxing on the mind and body, and there is a need for healthy food and proper exercise. With these best diet plans for busy nurses, you’ll never have to eat an unhealthy meal ever again.
Advise 1: Change is slow
If you’ve been eating a lot of stuff daily without control over it, don’t try to change it all of a sudden. Take my example for instance. I was slightly overweight and was planning on shedding some kilos. My gym instructor laid out a comprehensive diet plan
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Here is a simple plan that you can follow:
- 2 eggs scrambled or hard boiled
- 2 pieces of whole wheat toast
- 1 tbsp of peanut butter
- A fruit of your choice
- Juice or lean milk
Don’t use more than a tablespoon of oil for the scrambled eggs. Make sure that the fruit juice is 100% natural. Don’t go for the ones that come with a lot of preservatives and artificial flavoring.
Meal Plan for Lunch
You can use around 100 grams of chicken breast for lunch, cut into small pieces. Dice up some onions and bell peppers along with some boiled broccoli or cauliflower. In a pan, stir fry some garlic, the chicken breast, onions and bell peppers with the assistance of the sauce. Once everything is cooked perfectly, season it with salt and pepper. Serve this along with the boiled cauliflower or broccoli, and half a cup of brown rice. You can drink either lean milk or 100% fruit juice with lunch as well.
- Chicken breast
- Bell peppers
- Chopped garlic
- Onions
- Broccoli or cauliflower
- Brown rice
- Red chili, Szechwan or a sauce of your choice
- Lean milk or fruit juice
Meal Plan for

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