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Even though you don't need to eat for two, you might find that you get hungry more often now that you are pregnant. Make the most of these hunger pangs by eating nutrient-packed healthy snacks. Here are a few healthy snack options for you!From our expert gynaecologist and obstetrician.

Healthy pregnancy diet: fresh fruits

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Fresh seasonal fruit

Keep a bowl of fresh fruits on the dining table. Whenever hunger strikes just pick one! Rich in fibre and nutrients, eating fruit is one of the healthiest ways to keep hunger pangs at bay.

Citrus fruit have vitamin C, which helps your body to absorb iron from food.

Pick fresh seasonal fruits as often as you can and try to have the fruit with the peel, wherever possible. The peel has nutrients
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Try iron fortified semolina (suji) and mix into your upma a variety of vegetables for added nutrition.Healthy pregnancy food: whole wheat tomato, cucumber and lettuce salad

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A wholewheat sandwich

Try a tomato (tamatar) and cucumber (kheera) sandwich. Add lettuce for extra crunch and fibre. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can add in a slice of chicken ham.

A sandwich can be refreshing in summer. It is easy to make and you might find it is one of the foods you can swallow easily when you have morning sickness because it's cold and light.

Healthy pregnancy snacks: nuts, seeds and dried fruit

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Mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruit

Make a mix of almonds (badaam), walnuts (akhrot), and cashews (kaju), and add pumpkin (kaddu) seeds, dried apricots or a few raisins for a fibre and iron boost.

This is a nutritious snack that's good on the go and contains potassium, magnesium and vitamin E. Healthy pregnancy food: steamed idli

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Mix the murmura with chopped vegetables or add some roasted peanuts to make it more nutritious. Healthy pregnancy food: kheer with nuts and dried fruit

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You're bound to have cravings for sweet things at some point and a wholesome dessert is perfect. Try suji, rice or sabudana kheer.

For a light, easy-to-digest, low-fat version, use double toned milk and substitute sugar with jaggery (gur).

Jaggery is a source of iron and you can throw in more nutrients and fibre by adding in nuts, raisins and dried fruit.Healthy pregnancy snacks: baked stuffed kachori

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Much like puffed rice, flattened rice (poha) can be made into a healthy snack with chopped vegetables such as carrot (gajar), tomato (tamatar), onions (pyaaz), beans (beens) or roasted peanuts added in.

Add a few drops of lime juice as well for the taste and the vitamin C.

Healthy pregnancy snack: samosa with salad

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Baked samosas

You may be craving the calorie dripping fried version but the baked version tastes just as good and is

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