Informative Speech On Healthy Hair

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Have you ever wondered how many hairs you have got on your scalp? Would you like to guess? Well, you have around 100,000 -150,000 strands on your head. Each one of these hair grows about 1 centimeter every month, and it can withstand around 100 g in weight. Fascinating, right? Despite the fact that our hair has such a strong structure, it can get damaged very easily. Hair loss, hair damage, baldness – all these are common hair ailment that can happen to all of us if we aren’t careful. If you have luxurious, voluminous hair, then you must be wondering what you should do to keep it that way. There is a variety of shampoos on the market that promise you incredible results, but they are usually expensive. What’s the other option, then? To help you, I’ve made a list of the most efficient and simple home remedies for…show more content…
What are the factors for healthy hair? Do you know that the hair you see on your scalp is actually dead? It’s the part beneath the scalp called the bulb that produces new cells and pushes the old ones out. The hair shaft – the visible part of the hair – is made of a dead protein called keratin. This protein is also the building material for nails, claws, and horns. That’s why a healthy hair shouldn’t tear easily, and it definitely shouldn’t be brittle. So, what are the factors behind growing a healthy hair? Here are the crucial ones, if you want to avoid hair problems: - Eat the right food. If your scalp doesn’t get the nutrients it needs to produce keratin your hair will be thin and dull. Also, if you have a varied diet, this will improve the blood circulation of your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. - Protection from the sun and avoiding damaging elements such as cigarette smoke. - Lack of harsh chemicals used on the scalp. The more hair styling products you use, the greater the chance for damage. Stick to chemical-free hair products, and don’t forget to use conditioners. - Regular
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