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xamine how the Healthy Harold campaign addresses the determinants of health for all australians:
Socio-economic - Socioeconomic status depends on a combination of variables, including occupation, education, income, wealth, and place of residence.
Healthy Harold visits Australian primary schools, so in relation to the socio-economic determinant of health, parents of the primary school aged children would have to pay for their kids to go to school ($509 for a public school). Healthy Harold is payed for by the school the child attends, if in a public school the Australian Government will pay for the programs service or done through the school fees, but usually, based on information collected by Life Education (2008/09), these delivery costs
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As the initiative is run through the school the child goes to, the staff of Healthy Harold do not care for any of the above factors as long as the students learn the correct information that is supplied on the syllabus. If the child does not speak English, the school will contact the Healthy Harold educators to warn them of the issue, they will then send somebody who can speak that language or if that translator is unavailable, they will send over a teachers resource that the teacher can read and help explain it to the child.
Individual - Individual factors include a person 's genetic makeup, skills and knowledge. Health behaviours are modifiable actions that can affect health positively or negatively. Health behaviours such as eating habits, drug use and physical activity are important determinants of current and future health status for young people.
Healthy Harold teaches young children how to develop skills and build their knowledge towards positive health behaviours. They cater for all children no matter if living with disabilities or lacking motor skills. Usually the mobile classroom comes equipped with special features for those who have a disability, for example, the Healthy Harold mobile classrooms are wheel chair accessible and offer informative services for children that could be deaf or blind.
Environmental - Environmental factors relate to
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