Healthy Heart Better Start Program Analysis

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The “healthy heart is a better start program” is a setting based approach to health. This program aims at preventing Cardio vascular disease for Aboriginal and for Torres straight islander Australians, with a whole system approach. Sitting based approach is addressing the context within which people live in, for Shepherdson college the school is the context and they work as a team, this is more effective then asking individuals to be responsible for their own health because it offers a large amount of support and positive encouragement as well as community support and partnerships. Setting based approaches are effective because individuals are not the only people evolved. it’s the whole community. The “healthy heart better start program” is designed to…show more content…
A sitting based approach is more likely to be effective then asking an individual to take responsibility for their own health because a setting based approach allows for Joint achievement between the action areas for example if the local pool owner of Arnhem supported the “healthy heart is a better start program” by reducing prices for students of Shepherdson college, students to be able to access this facility at a cheaper price and therefore strengthening community action and enabling potential prevention of cardio vascular disease. Although there is a possibly of some students not partaking in this sitting based approach to health, the program involves many effective health promotion strategies which gives the students all the resources and support they desire. Sitting based approaches encourage the involvement of everyone this is evident in the “healthy heart is s better start program” as there is a combined school total of scores and if they reach their set goal, rewards are received such as activities and day

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