Healthy Life Reflection Paper

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I think that this class has helped me a lot in keeping myself healthy. Because I learned what are the elements that can affect my health and how to treat it. I also learned how the diseases can affect my health and how to prevent this diseases from happening and how to treat them. I learned where in the body this diseases attack and what effect they have in each part of the body. I understood how the food is very important in staying healthy. I understood how the systems in the body work and its function in the body and how this systems relate to other systems in the body. The diet that I did in my Health Plan helped me to be healthy because now I know what I need to eat in order to be healthy. I now know that I should eat only food that will contribute to my health. I also learned…show more content…
I learned how to prevent this diseases for example to prevent Osteoporosis to ingest the adequate amount of Calcium that you can get from low-fat dairy products also you need to ingest the adequate amount of Vitamin D through food or supplements and you need to exercise regularly by combining strength training exercises with weight-bearing exercises. I also learned how to treat some diseases for example to treat Bursitis by medication if the inflammation in your bursa is caused by an infection, therapy or exercises to strengthen the muscles in the affected area and surgery sometimes an inflamed bursa must be surgically drained. I learned the symptoms of this diseases for example in Osteosarcoma the symptoms are bone pain, swelling and tenderness near the affected area, Broken bones and fatigue. I also learned about the causes of this diseases for example the cause for Rheumatoid Arthritis is that the body 's immune system attacks the lining of the joint capsule, a tough membrane that encloses all the joint
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