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Healthy lifestyle is the way of living in which we are aware to be free from any illnesses by eating healthfully and being physically active in order to live longer. Recently, health issues topic is very prevalence among people in today’s society. Getting a healthy lifestyle is challenging but there are many different ways to overcome the unique barriers to improve our health. Yes, I am agree with the statement as we can see the health problems in our country is getting worst from day to day.


Intrapersonal refers to things that go on exclusively within one person. At this level, lack of knowledge and awareness on health issues is one of intrapersonal barrier. For an example,
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Family and friend support plays a big role on health as these two groups of people are the most nearest to an individual. At this level, parents and peers play an important role to encourage, providing and supporting individual for having a healthy lifestyle include physical activity and healthy eating. According to (McGill), strengthening marriage and family relationships can eliminate the mental and physical stress caused by divorce which can create a foundation whereby children can learn to adopt healthy lifestyles that prevent obesity. Unhealthy family lifestyle can influence individual lifestyle behavior as it is also influenced by their fellows. For an example, most of full-time working parents would having a meals prepared outside of the home with their family while a busy-schedule employee prone to have fast food for their meals because of time constraints due to employment. This is because their estimation by taking outside food can save their time, money and energy as well as it variety in food choices. This show that the convenience outside and fast food provides is undeniable. In addition, eating outside may cause a lot of health risk such as food poisoning due to improper food handling and preparation. Nevertheless, this situation will become a routine and be a barrier for healthful eating and it will become extra worst when they do not spend their time for…show more content…
Maintaining healthy lifestyle is complicated and persistently challenging as it involves many barriers including interpersonal, intrapersonal and community barrier. Nevertheless, we need to find a smart ways to overcome these barriers to enhance our lives now and for the

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