Healthy Nutrition Cafe Case Study

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Rational description of the business idea. Currently sport and healthy lifestyle are becoming extremely popular. Fashion for environmentally friendly products dictates its own laws. People would like to consume not only fast-food, but healthy meal without colorants and preservatives. Everyone likes to feed on tasty, especially with benefit for their health. However, hardly everyone can manage to cook and eat healthy food every time. According to this the decision was made to open a healthy fast-food café in Tashkent. Healthy nutrition cafe will become perspective project for business, because people all over the world who keep special diets and have to prepare food at home and take it with them to work or for a walk, could come to such café…show more content…
Café will provide people with menu composed solely on the basis of healthy products. However, the café’s menu of healthy fast-food - it 's not only the products without chemicals, it is also a food without chemicals, steamed, boiled, without harmful soups, spices, preservatives, low-calorie, but delicious. Almost everyone think that delicious dishes are always harmful, but such café will make dream “Eat tasty, but healthy” true. The café’s menu will be divided into “healthy low-calorie fast-food” and “healthy high-calorie fast food” sections in order to let consumers to control their ration. Menu will have a huge choice of burgers, hot-dogs, pizzas and sandwiches that are provided in mostly every fast-food cafes, like BBQ Burger. Nevertheless, the difference will be that healthy fast-food café will sell such meal cooked just with healthy products. For example, burger will be fed with boiled meat and fresh vegetables, with natural tomato sauce instead of ketchup and with fresh juice instead of fizzy drinks. At the centre of the café will be a fresh-bar where the range of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, alcohol free cocktails,…show more content…
The first and the main important competitive advantage of healthy fast-food café is that it’s dishes are based just on healthy and nutritious products. Name, logo and motto. The name is one the most important point, when people decide to run a business, especially if it is a public place which has to be attractive and enticing. We made a decision to name our healthy food café like “JeyKey”. JeyKey – is a simple combination of letters and sounds, which will be easy to remember for people of all ages and nations. Our logo consists of two consonant letters from the café’s name: J and K. Those letters are made of various of colourful and appetizing fruits because café “JeyKey” would provide customer with just healthy food. Such logo both effectively represents the main mission of “JeyKey” and motivates individuals to visit the café. “Visit “JeyKey” and your health will be okay!” is café’s motto. This statement fully reflects the aim of “JeyKey” and will allure everyone who is interested in leading healthy

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