Healthy People 2020 Goals

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After reviewing Healthy People 2020 goals for maternal, infants, and child I can see that an APN can play many different roles to achieve these goals. The main role of an APN in the primary care setting is of educator, patient’s advocate, and care coordinator. As a primary care provider, an APN plays an important role in health promotion and disease prevention across the life span by supporting and providing needed education and information. APNs also facilitate quality care and provide treatments to improve the quality of life, reduce pain, suffering, and prevent further progress of the disease. There are several ways an APN can help achieve Healthy People 2020 goals for maternal, child and infants health. For example low income women may…show more content…
An APN plays a role of an educator and provides necessary information regarding community resources. Also, APNs can provide referral as needed for other health care provider to achieve the goal if needed. Preconception care is very important as well as assessment of risky sexual behaviors; lack of access to contraception to prevent many complications. An APN can provide education and information about STD’s and contraception to reduce the number of adolescence pregnancy and consequences. Family planning and education about preconception care can help reduce unexpected deaths of maternal, newborn, infant, and child (Dean, Lassi, Imam, & Bhutta, 2014). It can reduce unwanted pregnancies, unplanned birth, and abortions. During prenatal visits an APN can provide early education about pregnancy related common conditions such as HTN and gestational diabetes, and provide diet education to avoid these problems. APNs can contribute to prepare the expectant mother for her transition to maternal role. This can be achieved by providing and connecting the expectant mother with social support within her own
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