Healthy People Preventing Suicide

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Preventing Suicide
Healthy People 2020 is a government site that identifies health concerns based on statistics observed and collected over a ten-year period. Mental Health and Mental Disorders is one of the many health concerns or topics listed on their website and has been further subcategorized into objectives and goals. The first objective listed under this topic is reduce the suicide rate. The goal for this objective is to reduce the suicide rate by ten percent. Suicide is prevalent among varying age groups, ethnicities, and genders. It is an increasing problem prompting Healthy People 2020 to label it as a Leading Health Indicator or extremely important issue. To meet their goal, Healthy People 2020 partnered with the U. S. Surgeon General
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People experiencing suicidal ideation or battling a mental disorder or substance abuse problem may neglect to seek treatment due to the embarrassment of the individual and their families. The plan designed by the U. S. Surgeon General and the NAASP desires to eliminate these feelings of loneliness and humiliation and replace them with the dissemination of encouragement in regards to recovery. This can be difficult to achieve when news stories, TV shows, and the Internet are giving an inaccurate depiction of suicide as a person’s only alternative. The media needs to send the message that help is available for all individuals regardless of economic status, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Communications should outline where and how to go about seeking care and evoke a caring response from the community. Community involvement is crucial and can aid in the identification of patients at risk for suicide by the incorporation of suicide prevention programs into schools, homeless shelters, community centers, hospitals, military installations, and other public settings. This network of people can help to provide information, transportation, and access to care and medications to individuals from diverse cultures and economic…show more content…
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