Healthy Relationships In Van Meter's 'First'

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Through healthy relationships, our lives become enriched. When we have the glory of sharing everyday of our lives with another person who cares about us then all troubles seem small. A life partner is someone who supports and struggles side by side with us. These healthy relationships allows us to never be alone in our tasks that sometimes may mount up and swallow us. Our friends, family, and spouses enrich our lives simply through their love for us. The convicted felon who killed a woman and child did not have an enriched childhood through an abusive relationship with his father that taught him love is pain. It was only when he was in prison that the family of the mother and child that he killed “gave him the best lesson about love” (5:45). They showered him with love and forgiveness and built a relationship with him. Through this special healthy relationship,…show more content…
When first reading Van Meter’s “First” my first thoughts was that a girl was describing her friend Ben as “the first brown eyed boy I will fall for” yet as I continued reading I obviously realized the situation (Meter 177). Meter most likely purposely to teach that no matter the situation love is constant. “First” shows that there is no variation between how a person loves another no matter the background, culture, preference the lesson is love is constant. Embracing the diversity of humanity in this case beginning aloof to the author’s gender, allows for bias and experience to have no bearing on one’s capacity to feel love. The author is told by his mother that, “Two people get married when they love each other” yet she does not allows for her child to love another boy (Meter 178). Putting ourselves in another 's shoes even unknowingly allows us to be a more open to building relationships and finding common ground with people we might not have previously

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