Hear Today Case Study

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1. How do patients/consumers find Hear Today?

Hear Today ("HP") primarily markets via the various advertising strategies i.e. contracting with corporations or insurance companies or national advertising methods as well as internet marketing strategies to effectively target Baby-Boomers and seniors who are in need of professional hearing health services and products. We also assist them specifically in researching hearing aids. The number of hearing impaired is doubling right before us over the next 5 years and presents a unique and exciting opportunity for our industry to serve in a greater capacity than ever before. Hear Today is on the leading edge of this momentum. The consumer can inquire through Hear Today's website, instant chat, or
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At this point a comprehensive intake is completed to qualify their lifestyle needs, interest, motivation, etc., and to also answer their questions. Hear Today's local clinic is discussed and strongly endorsed, and the consumer is encouraged to schedule a hearing test appointment if appropriate.

3. What if a patient would like to schedule an appointment? What’s next?

The Hear Today representative will contact the clinic and arrange an appointment for testing and consult via three-way conference call. Your office will then receive a faxed confirmation detailing the information discussed between Hear Today and the patient referral.

4. How is seeing a Hear Today referral different that seeing my regular patient flow?

Of course, you want to treat Hear Today referrals the same way you would your regular patient flow. The primary difference is once the hearing aid make and model have been recommended to and discussed with the patient, you will call Hear Today so that we can provide pricing, warranty, and payment options directly to the patient. Most Hear Today referrals place their order at this point and we will arrange payment with them directly. Our providers do not become involved with this step. Hear Today places all orders using our manufacturer account number and then ships the hearing aids to you for the fitting. You will conduct the fitting and follow-up in
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When do you pay your clinics the fitting fee?

When you fit the patient, you will have them sign a copy of the invoice and delivery statement. We then ask that you fax those to Hear Today noting the beginning of the patient’s trial period. Upon the conclusion of the 45 day trial period, we will pay you the contracted fee.

9. How much service do we provide to the patient under our agreement with Hear Today?

The Hear Today patient receives a 45 day trial period and then a minimum one year of service or four follow-up visits, whichever comes first. After that, the provider has the liberty to begin charging for office visits, cleanings, reprogramming, etc. From surveying our provider network, the vast majority provides follow-up service during the warranty period without charging the patient. The better you provide goodwill to the customer base, the more referrals you get.

10. What if a patient returns within the 45 day trial?

Hear Today pays the provider a flat fee in the event of a return. Watch our monthly newsletters as we have many great tools to help you reduce Hear Today returns as well as your own
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