Condensation And Hearing Aid Essay

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Shield Your Hearing Aids from Harm This Winter

During the cold, dry winter months, you might not see the need to take extra care of your hearing aids, but water in the form of condensation can still be forming inside the small electrical components of your hearing aids. This makes good winter care important to extend the life of your hearing aid and to ensure you can hear properly.

An extremely cold temperature alone does not affect the ability of your hearing aids to work properly. However, the condensation that develops due to changes in temperature is a threat to your hearing aid. In most cases, you may not be aware of condensation accumulating inside the hearing aid. There are steps you can take to prevent moisture from getting in and
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Let it sit in a dry environment with fresh air. This will let the moisture escape and your hearing device can dry out.

Proper Care in a Timely Manner

Each hearing aid needs to be cleaned with a soft dry cloth. Avoid using alcohol or other cleaning solvents to clean your hearing aid. If an oily substance that is difficult to get off has accumulated, such as ear wax, seek assistance from your hearing practitioner. Other tips include:

• Completely dry your ears before putting in your hearing aids. Even if you have not showered, it is important to remove any moisture that accumulated during the night.
• Consider wearing sweat socks and thereby stop moisture from getting into the small electrical components of your hearing aids.
• Before going to bed, take out the battery so the inside can dry out overnight.
• Always keep your hearing device in a dry box or drawer. In cases of exposure to excessive moisture, you may need to use a drying agent to dehumidify the surrounding environment to ensure they get completely dried out

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