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Introduction Hearing assessment is challenging task for audiologist , as children are unable to give information about hearing .The function of hearing becomes building stone upon which our integrate human communication system was constructed. Auditory acquisition of language is unique to human being because it is a time locked related to auditory maturation in human. Critical period exist for development of biological function and speech language.(chomsky966, lennenberg1967) Modern technology has increased greatly the number of option available to test hearing in infant and young children are more. Davis 1939 noted that electrical activity
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Out of which 15 were male and 5 were female. Out of 20 CP subjects 50% were having Spastic type,20% were Athetoid type,10% were ataxic type, remaining 20% were mixed type.
Procedure: All children reported were referred to us with complaint of Inconsistent responses to sound or inability to respond to sound from different civil hospital for hearing assessment. BOA (Behavioral observation audiometry) was used as an initial assessment using different noise maker (damru, palm rattle, steel bell, gadva) in a two room, free field set up. The responses were recorded using BOA or VRA (visual reflex audiometry). After BOA interpretation, all children were recommended for objective assessment i.e. ABR, IA (impedance audiometry), and OAE( oto acoustic
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These children have abnormal or delayed brainstem maturation, therefore ABR test results can be inconsistent. Therefore audiologist should gives equal importance to subjective test and objective test. Even in behavioral test one should give importance to delayed or abnormal muscular control. Functioning of auditory centers can alter due to abnormal brainstem control , which mainly generate ABR peaks i.e inferior caliculous , medial geniculate body . Therefore follow up principle is most important in the children with CP for both subjective and objective

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