Hearing Loss In Cece Bell's El Deafo

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El Deafo
In Cece Bell's graphic novel, El Deafo, she shares a her story using humor about the difficulty of growing up with a hearing loss. She comes down with meningitis and Cece’s impairment makes her different than her classmates and friends. While she did have a hearing aid it was still difficult for her to decipher word without lip reading. Throughout the novel readers learn about the communication struggles that Cece faced.
After becoming deaf, Cece’s life changes drastically from the moment she begins to wear a hearing aid.The theme is acceptance. She longs to be accepted by her friends and family. Cece wears her hearing aid under her clothes so no one would be able to tell she is deaf. Cece notices that she is able to hear everything her teacher says or does and says
“I have amazing abilities unknown to anyone...I can use my own crazy technology
-The Phonic Ear-To turn myself into a superhero,too1!My power? Super hearing!” She accepts her hearing loss and the Phonic Ear has given her the superpower to hear everything her teachers are doing. When the teacher is approaching the classroom, Cece warns her classmates to get back to their seats. Cece gains popularity and for the first time, Cece has used her “superpower” rather than hide it from her friend and classmates.
Bell uses many techniques to show the
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It is great for younger readers, but can be enjoyed by adults and teens as well. Cece shares an insight about the struggles of not only special needs kid but people that are different. It is very easy to have a connection to Cece’s struggles growing up even without having a disability because everyone has experienced loneliness in different ways. The reader learns the insecurities of people treating Cece different from a personal level. This book is a realistic portrayal of growing up: illness, making new friends, moving, adjusting to a new school and
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