Hearing Impairment

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Hearing impairment (HI) is a serious issue in childhood development that may adversely affect a child’s academic performance as well as communication and social skills in life. The purpose of this research is to find out the most effective ways in classroom management for HI students to lead them to achieve their maximum potential in life. This paper will look at some behavioral problems among HI students as well as the challenges the teachers encounter in a classroom along with helpful management guidelines from professional educators. This paper will also tackle on some useful ideas on classroom accommodations and adaptation. Today, technology successfully improved learning experience for special education, especially for HI students who…show more content…
If hearing issues remains untreated, this might post a number of serious consequences in term of social communication as well as academic performance that can bring severe concerns later in life. Poor listening conditions classroom may limit the students’ access to educational information and knowledge. Students with hearing impairment are often thought have weaker classroom performance or lack of participation in class. A lot of HI students were considered and labeled ‘problematic’ by the teachers in an ordinary classroom due to the misunderstanding of the real issues that the student is going through (Leverett, 2002). The fact is, a HI student has difficulty focusing because of the distractions of noise from the surrounding environment, or they just simply can’t hear well for most of the time. In addition, HI students also appear unmotivated and being inattentive during the lessons as a result of their hearing inability. Remaining in an ordinary school will not inspire a student in learning, conversely, it will continue to demotivate the students in pursuing study and they will eventually become afraid and fearful to participate in school. Consequently, these social obstacles may cause HI students to drop out of school if the problems are not explored or…show more content…
HI students often face obstacles like having problems expressing themselves, understanding the topic, and participating in classroom activities. The academic curriculum for HI students’ education needs to be adjusted to meet the students’ learning progress. The teacher should always talk face to face to the students to make sure that they comprehend the instructions given by a teacher. It is important to use simple sentences and grammar structures with clear pronunciation to explain to students so that they can understand better. Also, the teacher should be aware of their appearance, as long hair covering their face or long mustache can visually disturb lip reading for HI students. In addition, minimum exaggerated face expression can help to preventing misinterpretation of the message that a teacher trying to
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