Hearing The Lost Sounds Of Antiquity Analysis

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Adrienne LaFrance the writer of, “Hearing the Lost Sounds of Antiquity” does not only give the reader insight on a new way of preserving history, but she does it through specific elements in her writing which include; many quotes from experts, insisting on a sense of urgency to preserve history, thorough explanation, and a direction for the information the reader has gained.
LaFrance’s article is built almost completely from the words of experts. She leaves out all of her personal ideas and feelings, and the conclusions she draws are primarily based on the research and quoted experts. This gives her article not only an academic tone but also a secure feeling of accuracy for the reader. By the way she weaves in the examples and quotes the reader can be insured that what they are reading is true and non-opinion based. Another basic detail that helps LaFrance gain credibility in her writing is her outside sources, in her article she uses professionals in their field that are very accomplished. So when they say, “the vast majority of the past is gone,” not only do you believe them but it gives you a sense of urgency.
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Over the article there are five direct statements about losing history, and many more suggestions. By choosing which quotes she used from the professionals carefully she was able to have reference to this lost history from almost all the experts. In addition to this, LaFrance sets the tone through her first sentence. A simple statement put at the beginning by itself. “History is mostly silent to us now,” She did this because this would be the first thing her readers read and by making it short and simple, it is something she knew her readers would

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