Hearing Voices Stimulation Experience

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Hearing Voices Stimulation Experience
Taibatu Mohammed Awal
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
College of Nursing
NURS 4610 01 - Mental Health Nursing
Michele Hackney
March, 7Th 2015

Hearing Voices Stimulation Experience For many years Individuals who hear voices or experience auditory hallucination are isolated, stigmatized for carrying a label of mental illness and for hearing voices that continued to be distressing for them. It was a remarkable experience for me to experience in a few minutes what these individuals go through daily for the rest of their lives.
What did I learn? During the simulation, we were assigned different stations to start; my first station was to read an article while listening to the voices. It was emotionally
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Mrs. Hackney state “it is possible for these individuals to tune the voices down because they lived their life in a loud or noisy environment and have already built that coping skill to deal with the noisy environment”. There was a difference in coping technique employed by people in my rotation group, which prove that a coping skill might not be helpful for some patients, but will work best for others. This means that, mental health nurses need to work with patients that have auditory hallucination (experience voice hearing) to find out which coping skills work best for the patient to live a productive…show more content…
I will listen to my patients to find out what the voices are telling them. I will not argue with the patient because I do not hear what he/ she hears, but I will rather point out the reality that no one else can hear the voices to help distract them from the distressing voices. I will also work with them to find ways to help them cope with the voices. Some of the recommended techniques that were mentioned by the teachers during this experience include listening to music, being among friends and loved once, involving the patient in interactive activities and most importantly decreasing any stresses in the milieu. The teachers also mentioned that, patient will complain of the voices coming back when they are stressed out by either family or health issues. This proves that, management of environmental and physical stressor is a priority in dealing with patients with this

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