Heart And Soul Book Analysis

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The book written by the award winning writer, Kadir Nelson, depicts the ambition of the book from the title that gives a general idea of what the book entails. The book is an awe-inspiring and grand survey of the experiences that black people went through in America and the illustrations depicted in the picture book shows the suffering s and hardships that they went through. The book is a well-illustrated, 108 page book that helps to explain the plight of black people in the America society since slavery times. The writer through his book employs the use of a family narrative based on fictional characters, where he relays the black people history through the elderly black woman’s voice, which is both friendly and physical as she narrates her family’s treatment and also that of African-Americans in native America since slavery time (Nolan, 2011). The words of the woman, who in the book is the narrator are accompanied by colorful illustrations used by Nelson that are intense and sculptural and interweave the triumphs and struggles of her family with the American history images in a country that recognized their full
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According to the review by Booklist, the full-page paintings, all 44 of them help to expound and engage the readers mind boosting the informal, fictionalized African American woman’s voice who looks back into her past and reflects on what her elders informed her with regards to the African American history. Their reviews imply that the images portrayed in the book convey virtues of integrity and strength by including characters like Dr. King, who organized and was involved in nonviolent protests (Buffalo & Eric County Public
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