Heart Disease Research Paper

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According to the National Heart, Lungs, and Blood Institute, heart disease is the disorder of the blood vessels in the heart that can eventually cause a heart attack. In the United States, heart disease is the number one cause of death. For women, every 1 in 3 patients with heart disease die. If you feel tightness or any pain in your chest, it may be a sign for a heart attack or blocked artery. Also, when you suddenly feel dizzy, any nausea, and pain that spreads to the arm, or throat or jaw pain after chest pain, this may be a clue to heart disease. Some other symptoms could be irregular heartbeats or unusual swelling of the feet, ankles, or legs. It is better for doctors to find out about the disease early on and get it treated because it…show more content…
Often times, when your arteries are blocked, doctors perform a heart bypass surgery. A doctor also might suggest a surgery or procedure based on the damage done so far by the disease. Heart transplants may be recommended, so you get a healthy heart but these cases are rare. A simple treatment or an easy way to prevent heart disease would be a change in your lifestyle. If you are a smoker with heart disease, it is best that you quit this habit. Another thing you could do is at least try to get 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day or get on a low fat and low sodium diet. Also, by eating lots of fruits and vegetables you can prevent it. Keep track of your blood level and if you have diabetes, make sure you keep it under control. On the other hand, limit the amount of alcohol you consume because that could raise your blood pressure. Once diagnosed with heart disease, your body may feel fatigued, you may feel like you run out of breath easily, and you may have angina or otherwise known as chest pain. If you have heart failure, water could build up in your lungs causing consistent coughing and wheezing. When your heart isn’t working correctly, it could also lead your other organs linked to the heart, to not function
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