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In early days prior to developing of a heart lung machine doctors could do nothing except to pray god for the survival of the patient. But after lot of work and research the first successful open heart surgery with the help of heart lung machine was performed by Dr John Gibbon Jr on 6th may 1953 by closing an atrial septal defect using a heart lung machine and a screen oxygenator. Since then there has been lot of advances with regard to the machinery and techniques used for cardiac surgeries which required heart to be stopped to be operated upon.
Myocardial protection(MP) plays a very important aspect in open heart surgeries which requires the use of a Heart Lung Machine (HLM) and need the heart to be stopped to correct the defects in the heart. With
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del Nido cardioplegia, which was used to protect infant and pediatric myocardium, could be of benefit for adult population, due to their increased tendency for myocyte injury during ischemia and reperfusion. Compared to conventional cardioplegia, Del Nido cardioplegia has numerous additives those are protective which avoid myocardial ischemia and reperfusion injury. In addition, Del Nido cardioplegia could be repeated every 60 minutes when compared to every 20 minutes’ administration with conventional cardioplegia. Del Nido CP is given in the ratio of 1 part of Blood and 4 parts of crystalloid.
In early 1990, At the University of Pittsburgh researchers found out a novel formula for myocardial protection. The team, led by Dr. Pedro J del Nido, Hung Cao-Danh, K. Eric Sommers, and Akihiko Ohkado, subsequently patented this solution, which is currently called Del Nido cardioplegia. CP for infants and pediatric were similar to those used in adults except for adjustment in volume, flow and pressure A (Allen, 2004). Various cardioplegia techniques and methods have been evolved since the inception of electively and safely arresting the heart during cardiac surgery using

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