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Heart-Healthy Activities for Elderly Parents for Heart Month in San Diego County Heart disease has been a growing concern in the United States for years. This is likely the result of major lifestyle changes in the modern age. Countless people live sedentary lives, and stress levels seem higher than ever. Because the problem is so widespread, the American Heart Association now recognizes February as Heart Month. One of the goals in doing this is to teach people that they do have options in terms of averting this deadly disease. Instead of remaining sedentary, people must get more exercise and develop other positive habits to relieve stress (such as meditation). If your parents are elderly and live in San Diego County, they may find a wealth of activities available to them. In fact, many forms of exercise can be done at home and during the course of an afternoon spent running errands. Other activities are available at local gyms and senior centers. Regardless of…show more content…
Walking throughout an entire mall can be great exercise, especially if a person maintains a brisk pace. However, even if your parents prefer to window shop as they walk, they’re still getting some exercise. There are plenty of shopping centers and malls in San Diego County, so your parents may stay relatively close to home. Working Out at Home Some seniors feel intimidated by the prospect of working out in a gym, but this does not mean they can’t do regular workouts anyway. There is an abundance of workout classes and programs that may be found online. Your parents might enjoy low-impact aerobics, Pilates, yoga, or the latest dance-workout routine. If your parents used to have a particular interest in a specific kind of exercise, this might be the best type of workout for them. They could get in shape relatively quickly if they do certain workouts together at a specially designated time each day. Housework as

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