Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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Work is an activity involving mental or physical effort in order to achieve a purpose or result. To work, is the engagement of certain mental of physical work in which one preforms in oder to achieve a result.

Joseph Conrad starts off by stating that he does not like work and then expands, explaining that no other man does. By stating this, Conrad alludes that man is either; one lazy, or two, work is hard reverting him and the rest of society to not like it.

The next two sections of Conrad 's quote: " but I like what is in the work--the chance to find yourself", contradicts his first statement. Conrad does not like the act of work but rather the process in which he can find himself. I find this statement to be relevant. School is not something
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In the same way, Conrad affirms work is something that "no other man can ever know".

To conclude this analysis of Joseph Conrad 's quote, exerted from "The heart of Darkness", I look at Conrad 's last two sections of his account; "They can only see the mere show, and never can tell what it really means". They, referring to the audience in which witness 's Conrad 's work, and "Can only see the mere show" indicates the audience does not fully understand to which lengths Conrad 's work goes. Perhaps, Conrad believes work to only reveal a small piece of a much larger picture. In the same way that I know what my parents do for a living, I will never truly understand the their thought processes during work.

My life is determined by the actions and work I preform. Conrad believes that work is for the individual, its possessive, a token of a hidden treasure only I can find. Specifically, work is a painting that might look a certain way, but the true meaning is an entirely different image to the artist. For that is the best part, work is not pleasing to the eye; it is hard, rewarding, purposeful, and a mystery to everyone but the
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