Character Sketch Of Marlow's Character In Heart Of Darkness

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Marlow’s character from Heart of Darkness and Axel Hyest from the victory by Joseph Conrad.
He was Joseph Conrad was born in December 3, 1757 in Ukraine to Apollo and Evelia English novelist and short story writers. According to Enyclopaedia Britannia, (2014) states that “He has a original name called Jozef Teodor koncad korzeniouski” He was educated in Poland and his education was unpredictable because he was firstly tutored by his literary father then he went to school after that only he joined in private school. His parents were member of polish noble class and he was raised by his uncle in Poland after the death of his parents. According to bio (2014), claims that “His parents were polish patriots who conspired against oppressive Russian rule, so they were arrested and sent to live in the Russian province of Vologda with their four years old son”. At the age of sixteen he left Poland and went to Marseillies and began his new life as a sailor. He published his first novel called Almayer’s Folly in the year 1895 follow by Lord Jim in 1900 and Heart of Darkness in 1902. He was died in August 03, 1924 in England. The character is one of the vital roles that play in every novel, essay, stories etc...Likewise the novel Heart of Darkness and Victory also have a main
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While he was travelling he have Accountant, Commander, Lawyer, Narrator and himself in the ship the journey was fun and slowly he was more interested and passionate to meet Kurtz and he wanted to know more about Kurtz who is the chief of inner station and a well talented man in Africa. According to Conrad, (2012) states that “I was rather excited at the prospect of meeting Kurtz very soon” which shows that he’s really excited to meet him and want to know the
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