Heart Of Darkness Quote Analysis

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This quote is significant to the novel because it shows that people think the world is perfect, when really there is a lot of wrong things going on throughout the world. The things described in this quote show how the world should be to be perfect, but instead it shows what people portray as bad things in the world. This quote shows that everyone has a good and a bad side to them, the “light” is the good part of their lives, the “darkness” is the bad parts. For someone to be pleased in the light means they are happy with how their life is going at that moment. For example, the Admiral is living in the darkness of his life, remorseful that he had his son unwound. Then he starts to enter the light of his life when he begins to resemble his son by tracking down his old body parts to make him one again. Somebody doesn 't get a soul until they are loved, meaning they don’t know how to love until someone loves them. This is significant to the novel because of babies that get storked, they don’t know how to love if the parents who opened their front door to a baby didn 't love them. Instead…show more content…
Some negatives of a society that accepts unwinding could consist of unethical unwindings. For example, a parent who is viewed as overly-protective, can unwind their child because of the slightest mistake. When a parent who gives their kid some freedom and isn’t so hard on them when something goes wrong, is less likely to unwind a child. With that said, more children would deem it unfair that their friends parent aren’t unwinding them for the same thing, causing more kids to run from their homes, and their families. Another negative outcome of unwinding is that it is not ethical in a case where a parent can choose to end a child’s time on earth for whatever reason they want. If unwinding were to be accepted then the ethics of our nation would be completely crushed, we would have no value to life, as people could be whoever they wanted to be if they could acquire the right
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