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Kipps' emotions of fear and grief are reflected by Hill with the use of imagery particularly sound and light. As the chapter advances, his only company Spider

The first part of the chapter occurs during the hours of darkness. The darkness reflects the insecurity and fear that Kipps is experiencing. He is looking for light unsuccessfully after the torch breaks down to finally be able to find a candle. ' I must have a candle, some light, however faint and frail, to keep me company' to then reflect more clearly his state of mind 'my hand trembled so that the yellow flame flickered and swerved about, reflecting here and there crazily upon walls..' . This sentence reflects Kipps' reflection of fear and desperation for he can only find a slim comfort in the light. The verb 'must' shows his desperation and his realisation that the light is 'his only company' using personification. His hope, his senses in the light are recognised as a 'meagre light'. The use of meagre means that it is very limited and …show more content…

The sound is negative fearful but so it is the silence. 'Out of that howling darkness, a cry came to my ears, catapulting me back into the present and banishing all tranquillity'. Once more Hill uses contrast with two very brief sentences listened hard. Nothing. Unlike most of the novel which is narrated in first person, this time the personification 'the cry' is the one coming to Kips with added details 'catapulting' shows a great deal of emphasis into a coordinated sentence 'catapulting ' and banishing indicates a mix of simultaneous actions over which Kipps does not posses any control. The reader feels moved in a multiple directions, confused as to what that is . The noises have already been used in the past and after that cry the chapter end in a clif hanger with reference to another already known noise ' the pony

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