Heart Of Darkness Research Paper

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Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is a story that centers around Marlow, an introverted sailor, and his treacherous journey up the Congo River in search of a man name Kurtz. Unfamiliar with the terrain and natives, Marlow faced many different obstacles that made his journey even more tough. Obstacles like the Congo River and the dense jungles that surround it not only limited the crew progress, but also aroused confusion as well. Joseph Conrad amazing use of descriptive wording and imagery help the readers understand why their surrounding was giving them uneasiness throughout their expedition to meet up with Kurtz. The readers can understand why nature was truly an adversary to Marlow and his crew. Throughout the Heart of Darkness, nature has always been an adversary to Marlow and his crew. Their expedition up the Congo was not only tough physically but also mentally. Located near the equator, the Congo was physically exhausting for Marlow and his crew to traverse through. “It was hot there, too; big flies buzzed fiendishly, and did not sting, but stabbed.” (Pg 28) Many of his crew, including him, had not seen the Congo until now. They were faced with an unfamiliar…show more content…
With many different literary devices that Conrad used in the story, Imagery was one of the devices that really changed the aspect of the story. Imagery allowed readers to picture the surrounding landscape in order to get a better understanding of the what is actually happening. The use of imagery in the Heart of Darkness, really gave the reader a better understanding of why Nature was an enemy. They saw how tough the landscape was to explore and why it gave the crew so much exasperation. Through imagery, the story was entertaining to read and the theme of Nature being the antagonist was
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