Heart Of Darkness Vs Apocalypse Now Essay

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- The similarities in Heart of Darkness and in Apocalypse Now is that both characters are on a boat and the French fighting the locals. Many have died in this scene especially the captain. In addition, both characters are considered racist against the local. The death of Kurtz same similar and the way Kurtz view the local are savages, slaves and are useless human beings (Conrad 81-83). The differences are that in Apocalypse Now an American officer (Willard) is sent in to do a mission to kill Kurtz who becomes insane and commences power (Coppola, Apocalypse Now). Yet, in the Heart of Darkness, the hero is sent to Africa under his company, dealing in ivory trades, who is not sent in to kill Kurtz (60). Kurtz became violent but the hero does not kill Kurtz. Kurt becomes ill and dies onto Marlow’s boat (144). The difference of Kurtz death is important because in the novel the protagonist (Charles Marlow) in my opinion is not greedy for power and control. He is more of a hero who is tough but honest. Unlike in Apocalypse Now Willard is the same as Kurtz,…show more content…
Second, he is the subject, but she is the object. Women are using their sex appeal by luring young and older men seizing their fortunes and inheritance (TM 416). The public does not approve this type of behavior and will be judged. However, her family will support her. Last, a woman who is mysteries has numerous advantages. Since men do not understand women this way, they tend to be avoided. Men will be alone: “alone with his dreams, hopes, fears, love, vanity” (417). I think that being mysteries creates a way for a woman to be herself, for example, she can create or imagine the world that everything is in her favor without being understood by men is definitely an
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