Heart Vs. Mind In Shakespeare's 'Romeo And Juliet'

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Heart vs. Mind Synthesis Essay Heart vs. mind is one of the most common yet complex internal conflicts of man. Shakespeare’s being one of the most well-renowned authors and playwriters of all time, his literature would mainly consist of the theme heart vs. mind. With this theme of heart vs. mind being internal, it would start to conflict the character in difficult times. There’s a saying that goes, “the heart wants what the heart wants” and this includes going against what’s good for you or your mind. In some of Shakespeare’s literature, Sonnet 130 and Romeo and Juliet’s balcony speech in the play Romeo and Juliet¸ Shakespeare uses the theme of heart vs. mind which was new for this time-period. Shakespeare’s work some of the first to dive into human emotions in literature and have his characters/ narrator be intact with…show more content…
mind in the case of Shakespeare literature, Juliet’s (famous) speech during the balcony scene of the play Romeo and Juliet shows the theme of heart vs. mind. Romeo and Juliet is a romance play with the two-main character Romeo and Juliet being from rival families, however, the two are brought together by fate and must try and keep their forbidden love a secret. Juliet could be the more logical/ reasonable one of the two when it comes to not letting your emotions and passion for love get in the way, however, she does have her moments. For example, in this scene, Juliet is pouring her heart out about Romeo over the balcony of her bedroom not knowing that Romeo was listening. During this heartful speech about Romeo, the two see each other unexpectedly making Juliet recant her statements about her love for Romeo when she really did love him. In the play, Romeo and Juliet page This was Juliet’s heart controlling her mind as the two continue to talk outside (for what seems like awhile) although Juliet tried to hid her
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