Wir Eilen Gcse Hammitten Analysis

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Dr. Sheri Neill introduces herself and explains that she has different degrees in music and education from Texas Tech University, Stephan F. Austin University, and University of Missouri. Then she introduces Cheryl Lemmons, which is the pianist that was sitting at the piano located right front of the stage. There was a choir that was located center stage with the conductor directly in front of them. The choir consist of only women, which seemed to be alto and soprano singers. They began with their first piece “Wir Eilen Mit Schwachen, Doch Emsigen Schritten” written by S.J Bach. The song starts with the piano playing a nice melody as an introduction, which has a steady beat as well as steady tempo. Then the sopranos began singing softly with the altos following behind imitating and singing the words with a lower pitch. The piece seemed mostly polyphonic, yet there are many times when it is homophonic and…show more content…
The beginning of the piece sounds really sad and slow as well as a little dark. The French horn starts the piece off, which is followed behind by the singers. The tempo is slow and the pitch range is narrow with a homophonic texture. This piece had very few dynamic changes and there were no tempo changes, yet there were some mood changes. I enjoyed the emotions behind the piece and how it changed from sadness to something heavenly like. It was a great choice to have the French horn play the supporting line for this piece because it brung out a lot of the emotions as well as enhanced the singers words. I can see why the piece is named “Heart , We Will Forget’’ based on the way the emotions are played out , which is telling some sort of story of pain as well as the process of moving on and forgetting the pain as well as the person who caused the pain. I can also tell that the audience loved the piece based on the way they clapped louder this
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