Heartbeat: A Heart Surgeon

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Everyday someone is saved by a doctor and it 's an exciting miracle. Why not be able to bring that feeling home with you? Medical TV shows have really hit the jackpot by harnessing that emotion of excitement, empathy, rage, and grief as they made this hot new genera. Some medical show’s are not realistic nor believable. Others, like the up and coming medical show “Heartbeat” is based on the life of a real person. A heart surgeons quirky life is revealed in a not so elegant way. This show engages the viewers and leaves them feeling of all those real life emotions. With an out of this world heart surgeon, that has an awkward personality and a love triangle, who wouldn 't want to see this show?

At the beginning of 2016 NBC release a
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Melissa George is the main actress that plays a surgeon known as Alex Panttiere. Critics have chosen to wreak havoc on her personality for the show. She is bold, outspoken, awkward and extremely confident. People who review the show say she is arrogant and annoying. USA Today author Robert Bianco states “much of the blame goes to Melissa George, who played a similarly unbearable (and quickly dispatched) doctor on Grey’s Anatomy and stars here as world-renowned heart surgeon Alexandra Panettiere”(Bianco). Realistically, how many heart surgeons have you heard of that don 't have confidence? Maybe a better question is : If a heart surgeon didn 't have confidence, would you have have faith in their abilities? Of course you wouldn 't but critics may not realise that the show perfectly captures the personality of a strong,courageous and confident doctor. Even if you don’t quite love her, you can’t help but love her co-stars Dave Annable as Pierce and Don Hany as Jessie. They are not only easy on the eyes but they also are the two surgeons that compete for Alex’s love. The love triangle of the three surgeon makes for a steamy story that will leave you lustful for more.

“Heartbeat” is relatable to anyone in the medical field Medicine. I’m on my path to becoming a surgeon and it is inspiring to me. Watching Heartbeat gives me a sense of hope because just like the main actress I want to shine as a surgeon. The aspect that I really appreciate about this show is that it really gives the audience an incite of how dominated the surgical field is by men. Although, if a woman that’s life is that complicated, messy and complex can be a brilliant surgeon, then I know that there is hope

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