Pettigrew In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness '

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A heartbeat in the dark: ba-Dum, ba-Dum, ba-Dum. Awareness creeps silently as pressure pushes blood through veins of silver and magic. He... He is he, but his senses are dulled. He possesses neither true sight nor any true hearing. He cannot seem to move. He does not even seem to be breathing. Yet, he is thinking, as is someone else. Alien impressions impose themselves upon his conscience. Awe. Bright, incredulous admiration. Relief. A breath held that can be let out. Tense muscles that can relax. Yet the emotions are a flimsy overlay to permeating fear. There is an anxiety that grows stronger the more attention he gives it. This other being, whose heartbeat is all around him, pulsing through him, utterly reeks of fear. It is unadulterated dread.…show more content…
It takes time, but he gathers strength. Each time Pettigrew uses magic, it is channelled first through his substance, then into the wizard’s wand. He siphons away some energy with every cast spell, using it to grow stronger, grow more aware, grow better able to use Pettigrew’s senses to take in the world around them. He is no longer blind and deaf. He sees with Pettigrew’s eyes, hears with his ears. He has not acted yet. He is only vigilant, ever watchful, waiting silently for the moment when one of the wizards sworn to his service falls short. After taking even more of Pettigrew’s magic for himself, he begins to become more connected to himself. Pettigrew’s emotions and thoughts remain the strongest, yet slivers of Lord Voldemort are available to him. He can tell his fuller self’s state of mind. It mirrors his own. His thoughts are filled with the quest for power and his ensured survival. There is also suspicion towards those who profess themselves loyal. He has always been skilled at spotting lies. It was one of the first lessons he taught himself. He listens to every word spoken. Watches every mien and minute twitch. He is observant of any sign that can give away a secret, a carefully hidden deceptive
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