Heartbreak Hockey Analysis

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Heartbreak Hockey In October of 2000, the Columbus Blue Jackets became one of the thirty teams to grace the ice of the National Hockey League. But since the establishment of this rookie team, Blue Jackets fans would currently laugh at the thought of the team being able to grace the ice. Yeah, they’re that bad. Tormented by a series of unfortunate events, followed by the false hopes of resurrection, the hearts and minds of Blue Jackets fans are surely tender. The struggles of being a Jackets fan are well encompassed by Bob Hunter, an Ohio sportswriter for the Columbus Dispatch. Bob captivates the emotionally exhausted Jackets fans by building a hopeful tone with his varied syntax strategies. Bob Hunter’s personal voice throughout his pieces creates a sense of relatability, which allows his audience to bond with his written ideas. In creating a conversation for…show more content…
Why all the Blue Jackets injuries.” The title, a pun for the whole article itself, summarizes the article. Having a witty title leaves a lasting impression with an audience. It helps the author get to the main point in a way that interests or makes the reader pose questions before they even read the article. Considering the close link between hockey and golf, this article compares the curse of Leatherlips on Muirfield Golf Club to the fifteen year bad luck streak of the Blue Jackets. “...I’m willing to consider the possibility of a curse and try to find a solution for it, ” (“Curses!...”), states Hunter. Humoring the audience with the idea of Nationwide Arena being cursed creates a lighthearted tone. If Muirfield can be cursed with rain, why couldn’t the Jackets be cursed with injuries? “It just makes sense,” (“Curses!...”), says Hunter. Creating unity for the audience, the author guides the reader through his thought process. Fans can relate to the thought of the Blue Jackets being cursed because of how awful their luck
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