Heartbroken: A Fictional Narrative

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One warm summer day they went for a ride. Max and his family sat side by side. His head out the window, the wind in his hair A fine day to be out enjoying the air. Then the screeching of tires, the sound of a horn. In the blink of an eye his family was gone. It started as such a magnificent drive But then came a crash only Max would survive. He took one quick look and said his good-byes Heartbroken, he ran off with tears in his eyes. All alone in the world he was lost, he was scared. He hoped he would one day find someone who cared. Downhearted and hopeless, unsure what to do But all of that changed the day he saw you. He knew you were sad, you’d lost a dear friend And he knew he was needed to help your heart mend. The dog you missed so was
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