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Approximately everyone that I know of are heartbroken or pessimistic about people they truly care for. They don’t want them to leave their side right? in fifth grade was the most tenacious year in my entire life. I am one of the most dramatic people in the world, things like these break my heart, I in fact have been through the toughest times. I was 11, and every recollection of my brother leaving is like it is still there and when I think about my brother leaving it feels like this event was only twenty-four hours ago. We were sitting in the car and my brother said “i 'm sorry but I have to go.” I felt sick and like no one knew what I was feeling. When he said he had to go I felt so upset and I…show more content…
It was time for him to go and right before my brother left he came to the car and he said “I love you, make sure to write me notes I promise I will write you back.. I will see you when I get back.” Right after that he left, it was so tragic that is the feeling that I never wanted to experience. The next day I tried to write a note, nothing would come out of my head that I wanted to come out. So I tried over and over except it would never came out at the right time or the right way. I only got to write him one note for the 3 months that he was gone, It took a while to get it there and for him to send one back. He wrote things like “It is hard and the days are so long.” and things like “my hands are bleeding because of the ropes.” The next month or so my parents went to California and picked him up. When I was on the phone with them they were saying things like “ He is so tan.” A month before he came my baby brother was born and he got to see him in California. I couldn 't wait to see my bigger brother. When I did see my brother he looked like a stick with legs. This experience has taught me to let go of the things in life that bother you the most. This also told me to take another step in life to do your best and try your hardest. The feeling of losing your brother isn 't fun but I promise you can make it. If I can
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