Personal Narrative: Becoming An Effective Leader

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Of all the skills I have, motivating people around me is the one that affected me most, which was discovered through "Heartful Christmas" - a voluntary activity held by my club. It was a special night when people was trying to come home earlier to celebrate Christmas with their families. On this twenty fourth day of December, we, a group of ten people, volunteered to do a bizarre mission: giving surprising gifts to homeless people and those who suffered severe poverty. Being assigned as a leader, as well as the youngest person in the group, I was fairly nervous, many questions naturally popped up in my mind: What kind of leader would I be? What would help me do that? What values did I want to deliver to my group, as well as the gift receivers,…show more content…
I remembered when I was twelve, being denied by my school when I and some classmates applied to the school 's drama club since our class could not afford expensive costumes. We gathered around, used recycled paper and had my art teacher to support our mutual dream. I wrote the script and was the story teller, and my friends played the characters. There was a contest in our city that time, and we won the third grade. It was not a considerable prize, but my school 's club did not fall to the selection. Therefore, we were honorly invited to the club, but we refused because none of us wanted another competition next year. Back to the above event, our team also met each other again in another climbing event which I was one of the organizers, but the important issue is that it sharpened my skills to adapt new cultures, be more creative, optimistic, and persistent with any of my choice. Since then, I was braver; I travelled to mountainous areas where required a healthy state of constitution to tolerate not only the weather, but also the agony on the way to help deaf-mute students. I planned myself to went to Singapore so that I could explore a developed nation, where I had no worry about being robbed, where I was given a lift from a total stranger to whom I told that Singaporeans were very nice, and where I received an unintentional question "Not like Vietnam, right?". I recognized the lesson I need to learn from this country: I am one of those who hold our nation 's life, and whether Vietnam could be a powerful country or not is in my
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