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Heartworm is a potentially fatal parasite in dogs that is contracted through mosquito bites. Since heartworm has been reported in all 50 states, it 's prevalent no matter where you live. Essentially, if there are mosquitoes, there is the risk of heartworm, and a dog can take months to show noticeable signs of heartworm in the first place. Learn how to tell if your dog has heartworm as soon as you can, so you can best protect your dog in the future. A dog can only get heartworm through an infected mosquito, and it can take almost a year for the larvae in the mosquito bite to mature into full-grown worms, which embed themselves in the lungs, heart, and blood vessels of the dog. As larvae, the heartworms will nest inside the lungs, which is when…show more content…
However, bringing the family pet along does require a little bit of planning. These simple tips will ensure your dog is safe and ready to hit the trails. 1. Take a Doggy First Aid Kit You never know what might happen on a trip, so it 's good to be prepared and have a little kit put together in case anything should go wrong. A Doggy First aid kit should include: Emergency veterinary phone numbers AND directions. Bandages, gauze, and first-aid tape. Pedialyte (or other solution) for emergency rehydration Muzzle Scissors/Tweezers/Pliers Styptic Powder Towels Gloves Cotton Swabs Eyedropper Flashlight Medicines such as eye solution, sterile saline, and wound disinfectant 2. Take a Thermos On car trips, it 's important that your dog keep hydrated. Thermos 's are great because they 're easy to use, keep water cool, and are usually wide enough for a dog to drink from. Make sure to offer your dog water every so often during the ride! 3. Make Rest Stops Dogs are a lot like humans when it comes to traveling - every few hours they need to stretch, use the restroom, and get some fresh air. Even if you feel comfortable enough to keep traveling, make a point to stop and relieve your pup. 4. Take Your Pup With You NEVER leave a dog locked inside a car, no matter how long you intend to be gone. Even on a mildly warm day, the car can become too hot and possibly kill your pet. If you can 't take your…show more content…
A boy and his dog. What more basic, all American, country-livin ' image could there be? I grew up in the city. Dogs never went anywhere without leashes. We played on the concrete sidewalks and the little bit of yard we had left after the swing set took up most of it. We didn 't run through fields. We weren 't able to play outside all day and never do the same thing twice. But, we didn 't have ticks either! Now, I live on 30 acres out in the middle of nowhere. And I love it. We have chickens for eggs, 5 ducks, 2 rabbits and 3 dogs for pets. But Blackie, this dog, is special. This is Jacob 's dog. They are inseparable. Blackie will follow him wherever he goes. He even wants to sleep in his toddler bed. This picture just reminds me of how much fun it is to have a son. It makes me so thankful we live in a place where Jacob can run and play and be safe. Where "urgent" things are never overtaken by the really important things, like playing with your dog, and riding the tractor with your Daddy. I love watching my son chasing the chickens (even though he 's not supposed to!). It 's just adorable. Watching him being so care free and the exuberance with which he lives his little life, well, for a little while, all is right with the world. Animals teach us so much. Responsibility, friendship, unconditional love. They also sometimes teach us about life and death. That 's the tough part. Having the years of joy is worth it though. We 've only had Blackie for about 2 months,

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