Heat Transfer Through Reflection

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Title: How Heat Transfer Through Convection.
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In this term we are learning about Heat or Thermal Energy. What is Heat? The definition of heat in term of physics is a form of energy associated with the movement of atoms and molecules in any material. There are several ways of heat transferred from warmer areas to colder areas by conduction, convection and radiation. First of all what is conduction? Conduction is a way of transferring heat from one particle of matter to another within and object or between two objects. The example of conduction is an ice cube that will soon melt if you hold it in your hand. In this example, the heat is being conducted from your hand into the ice cube. Next one is what is convection? Convection is a type of heat transfer that occurs only in fluids such as water and air. The example of convection is when an ice is melting. This is because of heat moves to the ice from air this cause the melting from solid to liquid. The final one is radiation, what is radiation? Radiation is the transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves the example of radiation is when we touch the ice cube and then we feel the coldness in our hand this is because of the radiation.

In this experiment I am going to investigate which ice cube will melt the fastest. So first of all I am going to put the ice inside a bowl full of water and let it melt. Some of this ice cube will not be a normal ice cube because there is

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