Heathcliff Personality Essay

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Opinion essay about Heathcliff personality

How an innocent orphan can became a man full of revenge? In my opinion the hard life he passes since he has been a child leads him to take this attitude.
In the first place, the simple reason of being an orphan is a strongest one to become a hard man. Heathcliff has been abandoned by his parents, he is a poor orphan that is taken by Earnshaw family but from the beginning he is stigmatized by his situation of being alone in the world. He is also humiliated by his dark skin and because he is an illiterate man. His adoptive brothers do not accept him at first. He is treated as an object and soon becomes an object of abuse.
What is more, Hindley power against Heathcliff. When Hindley comes back from
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There are some differences between these two places. Wuthering Heights is situated in a high crest; this is a black dark and a bleak farmhouse. While Thrushcross Grange is situated in a Valley, it is a warm house with many lights; it is an elegant propriety, which is described as a beautiful place. Another difference has to do with the personality of the characters in this story. Wuthering Heights can be said to be more related with hate, the characters that live there, as Heathcliff are generally angry, they are immoral and here is denoted the desire for revenge. By contrast, Thrushcross Grange’s characters are more sophisticated, nice and moral persons, they represent culture. Edgar for example is a gentle, literate and warm man. A third difference is in characters’ feelings. Heathcliff, who lives in Wuthering Heights express his love by Catherine through violence and danger, by being an evil and cruel man. However, Edgar loves Catherine with calm and respect, being always charming, so he is represented by his
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