Heather Hoodhood Book Report

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At the beginning of the book Heather Hoodhood was the kid that was really mean and only cared about herself. Like when Holling goes into her room to talk about something important, Heather asked “Mrs.Baker hates your guts right?” he nodded “Well then try getting some.” And then she slammed the door. Or like the time when she comes downstairs with a yellow flower painted on her cheek and she states that “I know that I have a yellow flower painted on my cheek. We believe in peace and understanding and freedom. We believe in sharing and healing each other. We’re going to change the world.” Then she tells her dad that she is going to be a flower child and her dad does not like it but she don 't care what he thinks. All she cares about is what she wants and thats how its going to be.…show more content…
After that she started to be a nicer, more mature sister and she started to care about more than just herself because when she was walking home from school Holling pushed her out of the way from a bus that was about to hit her and then the bus hit him instead of it hitting her. And she said “Holling you saved my life.” and when she was with her family at her dad banquet they had flowers on their shirts to show that they were the perfect family so she took her flower and flushed it down the toilet and said to Holling “ down the toilet.” Because she didn 't to be part of the perfect family. Also when she was with her family watching walter cronkite she wanted to say something really mean and childish(with a really bad attitude) like “I told you so.” or something like that but she held it in. Even though she made a new friend went to california with him without even knowing him for that long. But she only did that to find herself. And when he left her in Minnesota she didn 't just let herself down, she got up and did something about it. She called Holling to come pick her up at the bus station. And even though in that experience she didn’t find herself but she found Hollings self for
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