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The brakes couldn 't cease the tractor from going down the hill. Heather Moody did her best to

try and turn her father’s tractor, so the tractor wouldn 't crash. She was eighteen years old with

brown hair and stood at five foot, five inches. She had been living on the farm her entire life. He

hadn 't really drove tractors often. Heather stated, “I never was much of a tractor driver.” She

had just graduated from high school. When she turned sixteen, she began dipping ice cream for

people at Mt.Pisgah State Park. She didn 't do to much farm work because she had a job, but

when she was free, she would spend her time on the farm. Heather Moody was always a hard working

person, whether on the farm or school. She made sure to have her
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They were thankful they could take a small trip.

Their was a scary moment for Heather in a hayfield on the Cow Hill in Wetona. This

happened when she was 18 years old. This happened in the year of 1992. She was raking hay on

a steep hill on day. The brakes in the tractor she was driving did not work well at all. She was

going down the hill and needed to turn the tractor. She kept trying to turn the tractor, but the

tractor still would not turn. Heather had no idea what to do. She knew that if the tractor crashed,

her dad would be upset because he loved that tractor. She was debating whether to keep trying to

turn the tractor or jump off and let the tractor crash into the woods. She was about to bail,

but somehow she managed to turn the tractor and keep on raking had. Heather has no idea how

turned the tractor. Heather stated, “I 'm not sure how I turned the tractor, it may have purely been

an act of God.”
This happened because her dad had her raking hay on a field that had a steep section on one end.

Her dad’s tractor already had bad breaks. The brakes had not yet been reinstated. In fact, her

father (Paul Sargeant) still pillows snow with that

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