Heavenbound Play Analysis

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TeMera Evans Production Response for HeavenBound THE 120-07 Tuesday 10:00-11:15 The play was an interesting experience. It was the third complete production with acting that I have seen. I believe it was a gospel stage play. It is titled Heavenbound. The play was written, directed, and produced by Don B. Welch and was performed at Wilshire Ebell Theatre. I enjoyed myself for for almost the entire play with very few exceptions. The production had a well put together storyline and was very funny, conveying a true meaning of what God has in store after death for different people. Although, the play was a great success there were a few small adjustments that could have be made to make the show that much better. The play was extremely funny and…show more content…
The lighting changed with each performance or testimony from the characters as they prove they are worthy to get into heaven and join heaven’s choir. By far the best component of the show was the singing from the actors. They all had incredible voices. Their voices made up for the lack of on-stage material. I only had two cons for the entire show which included the length of the production and the on-stage props. The performance was too long for me. From the director mouth it should have been longer; He was happy it had closed right before 11. I was tired and ready to go to sleep by the time I got to the car . But by far the most disappointing aspect of the play was the on stage props, or lack thereof. There was only foldable chairs for the actors to sit on and a cloth wallpaper of clouds that were simulating heaven. I expected props like in the Wine in the Wilderness. Something that took over the stage and had me feeling like I was the crossroad to heaven not some cheap wallpaper of clouds. That was the only aspect that truly disappointed me. But the actors performance and singing made me look past The play showed there is something waiting on the other side, something
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