Heavy Threads And That's Don Fey: A Literary Analysis

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A memoir is an account of a real person’s life. The narrator is a character in a story who reflects on the events of their life and, usually, draws certain conclusions. Typically focused on certain incidents in a person’s life, those incidents make up the individual stories that contribute to the overall work. Unlike an autobiography, which recounts particular historical dates and facts about a person’s life, a memoir is a depiction of how that individual remembers his own life, sometime unreliably. The dates and facts in a memoir may not be entirely accurate (though they often are), and they are less important than the memories and the reflections. Made of memories, influenced by the writer’s current opinion - memoirs allow us to use our personality when writing. Some are connected to a person or place that is of great significance, as in “Heavy Threads” and “That’s Don Fey”; both prompted from a person or place, in a certain moment which had…show more content…
The yellows walls bring in the warm lazy heat of the afternoon and I struggle to keep my eyes open, fingers dangerously close to the descending needle. The above is only an image, a starting prompt, yet worked, with the addition of movement, details, a development of a theme- this moment could be a story. Whether this moment is true… Does it truly matter? In “Cherry”, Mary Karr beautifully re-creates the emotionally (hormone) charged world of adolescence. With a grand influence of the 60s and 70s, this memoir is bursting full of teenage typical stresses such as crushes, first kisses, humiliation, sex, drugs, and the ever sensual rock and roll. The memoir captures the essence of adolescence. In a change to most other pieces in the unit, this memoir will explore issues much closer to the students’ heart, a change from the adult and childhood reflection writings most usually
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